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Friday, January 5, 2018

The SN TRIO: Live at the Clemente Cultural Center

Here is a concert with my trio with bassist Hilliard Greene and drummer Reggie Nicholson, recorded by Don Mount at the Arts for Art series at the Clemente Cultural Center on 107 Suffolk Street. We've performed in numerous configurations, but this is only our second performance as a trio. The first was back in October of 2017 for InGardens series, presented by the same folks.

Playing with these musicians is liberating because I'm able to channel many of the sounds and textures I play during my solo performances. Not having a chordal instrument certainly frees things 
up sonically--even my multi-phonics and prepared saxophone concepts can have their own space.

Typically, we go to several micro-spaces during the performance, however, tying all together as a comprehensive suite. During this concert, we begin with a theme in B minor, ending with the same theme at the end--sort of like musical bookends. And, of course, going to many unpredictable places in between.

I'm looking forward to recording this band--probably sometime over the summer. And I'm anticipating a January 2019 release. And I have to be careful not to make the mistake of many which is that they have a situation that already plays itself, but then they go into the studio and try to micro-manage it, making everyone uncomfortable, and then the beauty of the music gets lost. I can't remember how situations I've been in like that. But first things first...

    Anyway, check it out, and I'll get you posted on the happenings.

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