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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

39th Annual Jazz Station Awards: The Soprano Saxophone Category

With all of the best-of-the-year-lists posted over the past few weeks or so, here's one more that flew under my radar.

Below are the winners of the 39th Annual Jazz Station Awards: The Soprano Saxophone Category, a feature of the blog Jazz Station, by Arnaldo DeSouteiro, jazz journalist and producer for Jazz Station Records.

Arnaldo put together a pretty comprehensive list of notable jazz recordings and performances. And I like the fact that he included categories for players on their respective instruments.

I was happy to be included for my appearance on Fire Dance, a beautiful recording by vocalist Beata Pater on B&B Records, who, by the way, placed in the number one slot in the Female Singer category. Yaaah, Beata!

Congrats to all of the winners. Kudos to Jane Ira Bloom for a job well done. It’s nice to see that the straight horn is alive and well.

2017 Soprano Sax Category:

1. Jane Ira Bloom (“Wild Lines: Improvising Emily Dickinson” – Outline);

2. Hailey Niswanger (“Mae Sun Vol.1: Inter-Be” – Calmit Productions);

3. Dave Liebman ("Masters In Bordeaux" w/ Martial Solal - Sunnyside);

 4. Michael Pedicin (“As It Should Be: Ballads 2” – Groundblue Records);

5. Sam Newsome (“Fire Dance” w/ Beata Pater – B&B Records);

6. Chris Potter (“The Dreamer Is The Dream” – ECM);

7. Chris Greene (“Boundary Issues” – Single Malt);

8. Harry Sokal (“I Remember Art” – Alessa Records);

9. Vincent Herring (“Hard Times” – Smoke Sessions);

10. Roscoe Mitchell (“Bells For The South Side” – ECM);

11. Gilad Atzmon (“Pasar Klewer” w/ Dwiki Dharmawan – Musikita/MoonJune);

12. Lisa Parrot ("Lyric Fury" w/ Cynthia Hilts - Blond Coyote).

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