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Sam Newsome
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Monday, March 12, 2018

Four Ps to Successful Music Branding

Below are for Ps that can serve as an excellent guide to successful music branding.

1. Passion: Find something you’re good at and are committed to. No one is more charismatic than the person showing great commitment and passion for something. This makes others want to follow in your footsteps. And this also the first step towards leadership. People don’t just support those who speak loudly, but those who talk passionately.

2. Participation: Seek out like-minded folks with whom to share and exchange ideas with. No matter how brilliant you might think you are, your one brain is not better than five minds working collectively. Great art rises out of a community of people, not a single soul working in isolation.

3. Presentation: Constantly produce work and present work. Having passion and sharing your passion is great; however, none of this will amount to anything if you don’t produce work to present. And this is two-fold. The more you present, the more people become familiar with what you do. And frequently presenting enables you to get better at what you do.

4. Purity: Be genuine and be consistent. This is how you gain trust and how you keep your focus. Self-authenticity is unbreakable. It can withstand the harshest criticisms and the test of time.

Branding is much deeper than a fancy logo and a catchy slogan. It’s not just about the music we share, but the humanity we share. With all of the folks shown above, their musical brand is so identifiable because of (1) their commitment to their individual sound, and (2) their commitment to building a community for their sound.

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