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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Soprano Saxophonists Harri Sjöström and Gianni Mimmo

Finnish saxophonist Harri Sjöström and Italian saxophonist Gianni Mimmo have two things in common. One, they're both devoted straight-hornists who have become important voices on the European improvised music scene. And two, they're both former students of Steve Lacy.

So it's no surprise that they would come together to form this enigmatic soprano sax duo. They demonstrate how well two soprano saxophones actually sound together. I especially like their use of the slap tongue technique and multi-phonics. These are two extended techniques that I feel sound really good on the soprano.

Their duo CD release, Live at Bauchhund Berlin 2010, on Armirani Records.was actually recorded on the sixth anniversary of Steve Lacy's death. So I'm sure Lacy was there in spirit, not to mention influence.

I haven't heard it yet, but it's currently in route to my mailbox as we speak.

The first soprano sax duo I ever heard was record called Chirps, with Steve Lacy and Evan Parker. I can't think of two players more different. However, collectively, they made it work.

This clip of Harri and Gianni was taped at the Black Motor Club at Telakka - Tampere, Finland. Which seems to have a lot a interesting and adventurous music. Definitely a place I'll keep my eyes and ears open for.

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  1. Sam, how is this album and where did you buy it? I've looked at the DTMG, Squidco, Jazzloft, CD Baby, and Amazon, but it's not available from them. Thanks! Heath


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