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Sam Newsome
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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Top Ten (10) Prepared Saxophone Discoveries

Over the past year or so, I've made numerous prepared saxophone discoveries. The most fascinating has been the external-preparation, internal-manipulation hybrids that have allowed me to create even more unusual sonic concoctions.

Below are ten such discoveries. I can't remember exactly how many videos I've uploaded demonstrating these techniques, but these seem to be the ten that stick out most in my mind.

Enjoy! And more to come.

1. Double-Prepared Saxophone with Aluminum Foil and Plastic Tube Extension

2. Prepared Saxophone with Balloons 

3. Ostinato in 23/8 with Tube Extensions

4. Tube Extension with Plastic Water Bottle

5. SaxDrum - Soprano with Deflated Balloon on the Bell

6. Soprano with Groan Tube Noise Maker

7.  Soprano with Deflated Balloon on the Bell Played Like a Bata Drum

8. Soprano with Flugelhorn Bubble Mute and Plastic Tube Extension

9. Soprano with Three-Inch Tube Extension

10. Duo Concert with Sandy Ewen on Prepared Guitar @ Downtown Music Gallery

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