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Sam Newsome
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Subway Soprano: Leviticus Gorey

Here's a clip of my favorite subway musician, saxophonist Leviticus Gorey.

I've had the pleasure of briefly hearing him on several occasions when I was, unfortunately, hurrying to catch a train. Each time I remember thinking to myself, "Man, this cat is killing. I really wish I had more time to sit down and really check him out." It would have been ideal if he was actually performing on the subway car, giving me and all the other passengers a private concert from 14th Street to Jay Street-Borough Hall.

Leviticus has a wonderful sound and a great time feel. He even has a cool jazz-name! It makes me wonder why you don't hear more about him performing above ground. I guess everyone has their own path they're traveling.

I must say, I really respect when someone does choose to perform for therapeutic and artistic purposes rather than to make money and to further their career.

In any case, the next time I come across him playing on the subway platform, even if I'm running late, I'm going sit down and check him out, even if it's just for one tune.


  1. I found this post googling Leviticus whom I heard for the first time at a street fair last Monday here in Teaneck. His playing was so creative, swinging and original I had to find out who he was. When he told us his name I couldn't believe I'd never heard of him.

    Makes me wish I rode the subway more often.

  2. I have known "Vitti" since the early 90's. He plays soprano and tenor sax. He used to gig with a Jazz Trio called Masterpeace. He has a warm melodic sound that resonates clearly throughout the subway station where he is performing. If you happen to see him on the platform, take a moment and listen to the soulful sounds of Leviticus Gore.
    Pablo M


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